While it was so encouraging to start the year with the scripture Habakuk 1:5 which says: “Look, be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you “. Although I do not doubt the greatness of God, there was part of me that wondered how Highway Church could change. Highway Church was well organised that had a running sheet that was strictly adhered to, and the quality of the music and the singing were excellent, They performed at a very high standard. While some people of the church people worshipped the Lord most enjoyed the performance. However, from the beginning of February, there was a significant change – more time was being spent singing ‘worship’ songs before the preaching and after the preaching, more time was spent worshipping the Lord. This had a profound effect on the people and also the level of the sound was lowered so that you could hear people all over the church praising the Lord, instead of being overcome by the loudness of the singers and musicians. This emphasis on worshipping the Lord and becoming aware of His presence has had a profound effect on the church. Also, the monthly prayer meeting commenced and has continued throughout the year. In about April the leadership together with ket people spent Friday night and all day Saturday seeking the Lord for direction for the Church. On Pentecost Sunday the theme “Renew the pioneer spirit “ was launched based pon the book of Haggai. The consistent teaching from the book of Haggai has been so fruitful and the church has responded to the presence of the Lord. The key verse of Haggai 2:9 is “ The glory of the later temple shall be greater than the former “. This is such an encouraging declaration from the Lord and I believe it will also be fulfilled in many other churches, as we are obedient to the voice of the Lord we will see the Lord work beyond our expectations. In August a weekend was set aside to encounter the Lord with meetings Friday Night, Saturday afternoon and night with Sunday Morning and Night. These meetings have had a profound effect on the church and our worship has gone to another level. In November the Youth had a three-day outreach which not only the Youth Group with people being born again, and being filled with the Holy Spirit, but also had a profound effect on the church. As I look back over the year it is so encouraging to see the Lord at work in His church, while there has not been one supernatural meeting there have been many times when the church has responded and experienced the presence of the Lord in a new way.  It is so encouraging to see the Lord at work in His Church and I look forward to seeing the Lord manifest Himself in a significant way in 2023.

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1 thought on “An Overview of 2022

  1. It is wonderful your church is going in worship which then grows in other areas.
    Some people do not like change so that is great.

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