In the beginning, mankind was created to have an intimate relationship with God and that relationship was meant to be ongoing and on a never-ending basis. In our marriage of 53 years for a significant time being intimate was all about what I could get out of each experience – while those experiences were nice they were nothing to be compared with when my attitude changed. I chose to fall in love with my wife over and over again when that happened something changed – it was not about me anymore but what pleasure could I give to my wife. Intimacy went to a new level which is hard to define and although my wife has been in heaven for over 6 years those moments still impact me. If this can be experienced in the natural how much greater it will be when I chose to be intimate with my Heavenly Father. However, the same principle applies, it is not what I can get out of my Heavenly Father but what pleasure can I bring to Him. This is something that I struggled with for a long time because every time I spoke to Him I was asking Him to do something – mostly not for myself but other people. This is not being intimate with God, the bible calls intimacy worship and is full of encouragement for us to be a worshipper of God. In this season of isolation, it is a good time to chose and learn to be a worshipper of God and experience the pleasure that being a worshipper brings.

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