Today it is 10 years since the love of my life unexpectedly finished her life’s journey and went to Heaven. As I write this I have mixed emotions, on one hand, I miss the love of my life whom I knew for 76 years and was married for 53 years. I am such a better person because I lived with her and have lived the last ten years living the same lifestyle without her. On the other hand, I am so thankful to God for bringing Barbara into my life and He has been with me in a significant way these ten years. I am such a blessed man to have such memories of the greatness of God in my life. I say this because I am uniquely blessed, every day I am reminded of Barbara and God’s gift to me. On the day the ambulance officers were taking Barbara out of the unit I knew that she was in heaven and I made a life-changing choice to thank the Lord for His goodness in my life over the last 10 years this is something that I do continually. The unit that I live in is because Barbara believed in her God and a miracle happened and that was impossible became a reality. I am so thankful to my Church family which has supported me so well. Also, My family Craig, Trudy and Brad have been so good to me because we spend at least 6 hours a week talking on the phone.  About 6 months later I got the idea to write about marriage from a man’s perspective, so I wrote the Bokklet “Reflections of a married man” and gave the manuscript to Ps Anne to read. Next Sunday She asked me if the church could publish the booklet which they did and about 250 copies were given to men. Sometime later one Saturday morning I had an encounter with God that lasted some hours, during that time I believed God spoke to me and told me that I was to pass on my Spiritual heritage before I finished my life journey. So I started to write my first book “Reflections on what is a man?” As I completed each chapter I would Email it to about 35 people at church and the feedback I received encouraged me to keep seeking God and to continue to write. Then over the next number of years, I wrote four more books, “Reflections on the Old Testament”, “Reflections of a Man Who Did Not Know What He Knew” (My Spiritual Journey), “Reflections On The Kingdom Of God”, and “ Reflections on God’s Way For Us To Change”. Also, I have since written 10 booklets which are free to download from my web page. In 2018 at the age of 79, I was invited to speak at a Pastor’s conference in India. This took me by surprise because I had never preached at highway church. This turned out to be the experience of a lifetime, when I arrived I was overcome by the respect the people gave me because they had never experienced a person who was born again for that many years. On the second day of the conference, I was asked to speak because they wanted to hear my experience with the Lord.  I will never forget how the anointing of God flowed and impacted the lives of the Pastors. In the year 2000, I experienced something that I never thought was impossible. Churches had to close and everyone was restricted by the pandemic. I saw mature believers believing lies from the internet and churches lost about half of their congregations and this happened worldwide. About 31/2 years ago my son Brad rang me and told me that he had found a computer program that converted Word documents to E-books. A couple of months later he told me that I had to write a weekly blog to keep the web page active .au.  Since then I have written over 175 blogs which can be read on my web page. About 6 months ago he added the feature where if people gave their Email address they would receive the weekly blog as an Email. As a result, almost 100 people receive my weekly blog. As I look back over the last 10 years I see the hand of God on my life and look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for me to do next because we are living in such exciting times

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