There is one final thing that I want to discuss what God is saying to the church. There is a big danger that when people hear a word of prophecy they just fold their arms and wait for it to happen and when God moves they miss out because they are not part of what God is doing. I have mentioned many times the mighty move of God at the church at Dandenong and while enjoying being part of it, there was one sad situation that I remember. In the church, there was a man named Keith for many years he faithfully attended the Thursday night prayer meeting, most nights he consistently prayed for revival to come. God answered his prayer in a significant way but he was not part of it. I remember talking to him and he said “ I do not know what the fuss is all about, all I know I have to walk several blocks to the Town Hall and when I come there are all these new people, I wish we were back in the old church the way it used to be. As I recall that conversation I am saddened by it and I desire that no one else has that experience. It is so important to understand that when God declares His plans, that these plans are conditional and as such do not automatically happen. Over the years I have seen God start to move but then  ‘man’ steps in and the move of God stops. There is a great power of God to be experienced when we allow what God is saying to change us. A good example of this is today, I woke up not feeling well because I had a broken night of sleep, Monday is when I write my weekly blog and that was the last thing I wanted to do! So I started to sing from ‘WayMaker’ “You are here working in our midst, I worship you, I worship you, You are here working in this place I worship you, I worship you. As I continued to declare this my attitude changed and the more I declared this the greater the change took place, a great revelation of God took place in my spirit and this is why I am writing this way. In Haggai, we read how after 70 years of captivity in Babylon King Darius told the people of Judah that could return to Judah and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and build the Temple. However, this is not what happened the first thing they did was build proper houses for themselves and they did not do what they were commanded to do. We read in Haggai 1:5 Now, therefore, thus says the Lord of Hosts; “Consider your way”? In verse 6 the Lord reminded them because they were living for themselves they were not achieving anything. At the beginning of this year, although God wants to do mighty things, they will only happen when we put God first. The biggest barrier is us wanting to please ourselves and this is so dangerous. This is a battle I continually face but am determined to live God’s way and see His plan take place. As we commence this year may we consider there is a dying world out there that needs to be born again and experience the greatness of living God’s way? For too long the world has been exposed to a church that does many good things for the community but does not display the life-changing experience of being born again, may this change in 2022 and God be glorified.

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