I am writing this blog in the first week of December 2022, yesterday Sunday 4/12 there was a mighty manifestation of the presence of the Lord. Today I am still impacted by it and as I consider this I am amazed at the greatness of our God and what He will do when we seek Him. I am taken aback when I realise that in one year that the church has changed from being performance based – which it was very good at doing to a church that gives time for the Lord to manifest Himself. As I look at the scripture that the Lord gave me a year ago which says: “Look, be utterly astounded! for I will work a work in your days which you would not believe though it was told you”. While what has happened is great, we must not forget what has happened unless it continues and we see the power of God manifested as people are born again weekly, people are set free and the power of God is manifested. Unless this happens we become a ‘glory club’ which does not affect the people around us. The key to what God will do in 2023 is governed by one thing – what we are seeing with our spiritual eyes. God wants us to see His greatness especially when we are not at church. There is such an opportunity to see the greatness of our God in all situations. The second area is to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit which is manifested by us using our Heavenly Language in a significant way every day. It is time to expect the church numbers to increase by a significant number of ‘Unchurched people’ being born again and this will give many people the opportunity to disciple and encourage these precious people. I find it difficult to put into words the stirring in my spirit, to translate a supernatural expectation is very hard to express. I believe many people will start talking about the greatness of God and His ways to their friends and then their friends will be born again and be so hungry to understand the things of God. Also, I believe there will be a significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Youth Group, over the last two years the youth have experienced the lord’s presence from time to time. But in 2023 there will be a supernatural change in the lives of many young people that will impact their families and schools. As we prepare for 2023 it is time to go to the next level in our relationship with the Lord. The world is crying out for genuine lovers of God to take a stand and demonstrate the power of God that transforms lives. May we at the end of 2023 be astounded at what the Lord has done in our families, in our church, and our communities. The Lord wants to manifest Himself through us and may we yield to Him and be excited at what He is doing.

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1 thought on “New Year  2023

  1. Yea it is great to get the young people in with loud music etc, but we want them to respond by the presence of the Holy Spirit not the atmosphere of music.
    We all need to keep growing in God and revival is in the horizon for your church, which is so good.

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