Perception is a God-given ability to have a strong sense (feeling) about something even though you cannot explain that feeling with your mind. An example of this from the bible the Shunammite woman perceived the Elisha was a man of God even when there was no evidence of this recorded in her region. For perception to be effective it requires a response for when we do not respond our perceptions become less distinguishable and then fades from our life. God rarely speaks to us in an audible voice, most times it has been a strong impression that I have felt. When I quickly respond to those impressions then they become very clear and easy to follow, however, when I have ignored those impressions they have become less distinguishable. It is good to remember that God is good God so if those impressions are not encouraging then it is a good idea not to obey for God is a God of hope. In this season of uncertainty, it is good for us to perceive His goodness and faithfulness so we can live a life without worry.

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