There is something important to understand in the Bible and that is when something is repeated it is a statement that what is being said is extremely important and something that we should apply to the way that we live and is not optional. When you consider this it is very obvious because in the Old Testament Moses repeated God’s law to the Children of Israel and commanded that God’s law should be read every year so that they would forget it. Moses also told Joshua repeatedly as he was about to finish his life’s journey to be courageous. One thing we need to understand is that we read God’s word so that it becomes the way that we live. However, there is a danger when we daily read God’s word it just becomes a good habit to have. 2 Corinthians 3:6b says: “For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life”. If we read the Bible as we would read a novel we can learn many facts but our spirit is not fed which is so necessary. When Jesus was on the earth in the last year of His ministry He told His disciples many times that He was going to die and rise again on the third day, sadly they did not think it important enough to ask Jesus exactly what He did He mean so that when it happened it would have not been a complete shock to them. The Apostle Paul used another method to remind the Corinthian Church of the truth that he had taught, he used the expression “Do you not Know”? In other words, why are you not obeying the truth that I have taught you? This is a reminder to us to live by the truth of God’s word. Psalm 119:11 says: “Your word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you”. This is essential for a close relationship with the Lord. I experienced this last week when I was so tired that I started to be critical in my mind about situations, quickly the Spirit of God arose in me and I immediately repented and changed the way that I was thinking. Doing this brought such peace to my life. Now let us look at what David repeated in Psalm 62.

Verse 5 says: “My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him”. The first thing I note is that David is talking to himself to the part of Him that tries to work things out. This highlights the importance of being disciplined in what we think about. While we cannot control what comes into our mind we can control what we think about. This is our choice and we need to be ruthless in controlling our thoughts. The next thing David tells himself is to “Wait silently”, this describes a person who has complete confidence in his God.  We have such a wonderful Saviour who we can come to in all situations and it is good to live in His strength, not our strength. Then David goes on to say that his trust is in God alone, this is a great way to live.

Verse 6 says: “He only is my rock and my Salvation, He is my defence, I shall not be moved “. This highlights the area in which we will always have peace when we live that way. David declared “He only is my rock and my Salvation”. Now is a good time to reevaluate who we trust and come to. Where do we go for our direction, entertainment, pleasure etc? Something that I have learned, if Jesus is not happy being entertained this way then that entertainment is not for me. The final thing David declares is “I shall not be moved”, this declares the extent of his relationship with his God. We live in a world where values are changing all the time, may the light of God that shines from us never change.


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  1. Yes it is easy to speed read the Bible, but I have to learn to meditate more on what I am reading.

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