Psalm 71 Part 6

As we continue with this psalm I am reminded of the battle that we have – will I be controlled by what our spirit sees or will I be controlled by what our natural eyes see? The Bible reminds us that although we live in the world, we do not live by the world’s standards (Colossians 2:20). This is so apparent having gone through this pandemic, it has taken great discipline not to be sucked into the world’s misery. Although David was going through one of his greatest trials his focus was on the Lord. Verse 19 says: “Also your righteousness O God, is very high, You have done great things; O God, who is like You?” He declares that the principles of God are very high! This is something that is so easy to forget and we must remind ourselves that we are not like other people, we have a different perspective on how to live.  We must be very careful to allow humility to be the dominating characteristic of the way that we live.  While God never condemns and loves everyone so as people who claim to love God, all people around us should see the character of God in us and be attracted to Him. Sadly when I was growing up that is not the message that was preached, sinners were condemned and told that they were going to hell, while this may be true it is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to convict people of their sins. The psalmist understood that God’s standards were very high and that you can only live by them when you submit yourself to Him. Next, he declares about God “You have done great things”, this is one of my greatest pleasures when I remind myself of the great things that God has done in my life. May I never get too busy to stop and reflect on His greatness? Then the Psalmist makes such a profound statement  “ Who is like You?”, There is no one like our God and this is something that we should never forget. David reveals in Verses 20&21 his absolute confidence in God, “You, who have shown me great and severe troubles, shall revive me again, and bring me up again from the depths of the earth, You shall increase my greatness and comfort me on every side”. Although David had experienced the greatest trial of his life being portrayed by his son he recognised that God was with him. Although David could not understand why he was going through this major trial he knew he would come out the other side and the Lord would increase his greatness. One of the hardest trials you can experience is when you are betrayed by your friends, when this happens you can come out the other side blessed when you go through the trial with the Lord. If you try to survive in your strength you come out the other side a bitter and angry person. I am so blessed to have such a Godly wife who helped me to go through a great betrayal and come out the other side loving the Lord in a greater measure. God is certainly the rock of my Salvation and I encourage everyone to experience the same blessing!

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