Psalm 71 Part 7

I have been encouraged as I have read and allowed the truths of this Psalm to impact my life. It is so good to remind ourselves by reading God’s Word, it is not like reading a storybook, because God’s Word brings life to us when it is applied to the way that we live. This whole Psalm has been a declaration that God is the rock on which we build as stated in the first verse which says: “In You, O Lord, I put my trust”.  Over my lifetime it has been so good to experience the goodness of God and the Psalmist was no different for he chose to bless the Lord in any way that he could. Verse 22 says “ Also with the lute, I will praise you and your faithfulness, O my God! To you, I will sing with the harp, O Holy One of Israel”. I enjoy good soft music and use music to calm my emotions, King Saul did the same thing when he was feeling distressed he was calmed by David playing his harp. There is a danger that we can carry this expectation to church, we do not attend church to enjoy the songs but it is a means to concentrate our praise and worship to the Lord. This is the Psalmist’s attitude, for he said that he would use music to praise the Lord and to declare God’s faithfulness.  Going to church is not a choice but a necessity for my spiritual growth, I enjoy waking up Monday morning feeling so refreshed in my spirit after spending time worshipping the Lord the day before. Verse 23 says: “My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing to You, and my soul,  which you have redeemed”. We cannot accidentally praise the Lord it is an act of our will, the Psalmist experienced great rejoicing when he sang to his God. This is a good habit to develop, every time we relax from what we are doing, our spirit rises in praise to the Lord, I found this to be most beneficial during my secular working life. Verse 24 says: “My tongue also shall talk of your righteousness all the day long; for they are confounded, for they are brought to shame who seek my hurt”. David experienced victory over his enemies when he praised his Lord. I am reminded of the words of the song “Glory Jesus Glory, you do the fighting for me, Praise you Jesus praise you, with You, there is always victory”. It is so good to declare that the Lord is fighting for us, not our ability. May we always remember to continually praise the greatness of our God. It is such a pleasure to remind ourselves of the greatness of God for He is certainly the Rock of my Salvation. I am so glad to have taken the time to contemplate and reflect on what the Psalmist has declared in this Psalm.

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