As I commence this new series of blogs I believe very strongly  I am following the Spirit’s leading in what the Lord wants me to write. I trust what I write will have very little natural information but expose my unstoppable passion to know God in a more intimate way which affects every part of the way that I live. I have deliberately chosen the word impact to explain how I live with Jesus. I strongly believe that unless I am being continually changed through the truth and light of God’s word then there is no reason to regularly read His word. This is not to say that I have studied God’s word diligently but the purpose of this study has never been to acquire knowledge but to establish a more intimate relationship with the Lord. There is always a danger to depend on what type of person you are that gives you a sense of achievement through what you know is your comfort and not being in the presence of the Lord. When I was young I enjoyed going to Sunday School and learning the stories of the Bible which I have never forgotten but that knowledge did not impact my life for the Lord. However, when I was born again at the age of 15 years I became a new creation – my spirit became alive and I have pursued a Spiritual life all my life. Spending time with the Lord has been the only long-lasting and completely fulfilling experience. I have found great pleasure in the Lord, playing a sport, at work, 53 years of marriage – there have never been two parts to how I have lived – I have always tried to live with Jesus. It is so good the encouragement you receive from the Holy Spirit as you embrace the inspiration of God’s word. For this series, I have chosen various Psalms which have helped me understand more fully the special nature of David. God said that He sought a man for Himself a man after His own heart (1 Samuel 13:14) and that man was David. In the writings of David, we see how open he is in the various situations of life, and when he is describing them he prophesies the suffering of Jesus on the cross, this is normal behaviour for one who is close to the Lord. I have experienced this on numerous occasions when talking to people, all of a sudden the atmosphere changes and you find yourself saying things you do not know and people’s lives are changed by the anointing of God in your life which happens because of your relationship with the Lord. While what I am about to write could apply to many parts of the Bible for this series I have restricted it to the Psalms that I have chosen. There will be some Psalms to which I comment on the whole Psalm while there will be others where I only comment on a  few verses that have impacted me. The sequence of the Psalms will not indicate the importance of that Psalm for I have just chosen them at random and not against one another. One final important fact to remember the Psalms were songs sung by God’s people on special occasions to magnify Him.

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