The title of this Psalm is “The eternal faithfulness of God” and as we look at the rest of the psalm the psalmist goes into great detail about the faithfulness of God to Israel. As I reflect on this it becomes quite apparent to me that at times I do not take the hand of God on my life very seriously. There seems at times an overwhelming desire to just coast along and not acknowledge God in my life and be content to live my way. We are reminded in Verse 7 The Lord is our God “, knowing God comes from our personal relationship with the Lord and not pleasing ourselves. In Verse 8 God says: “He has remembered His covenant forever, the word which He commanded for a thousand generations “. God being totally trustworthy is something that I do not take seriously enough because we live in such a ‘make-believe’ society the images that we are exposed to are mainly fake, it takes a strong character to stand for that which is right. Verse 9 tells us when this God-Covenant commenced, “The covenant He made with Abraham and His oath with Isaac “. This is very interesting that the covenant commenced with Abraham when he was a pagan man living in a pagan country that worshipped many gods, all of them false Gods. Abraham heard the voice of God who he did not know, yet he obeyed Him to the extent of leaving his land of birth and his relatives and going to a land he did not know existed and where it was and just followed God who he did not know. Because of this obedience God made a covenant with him, that lasted a thousand generations through which all the people of the world be blessed by his obedience. Today I am a recipient of that covenant, Jesus died and rose again on the third day so that I can be born again and live a blessed life living with Jesus. It is so important that we understand the Old Testament for the bible says that it was written for our learning and understanding (1 Corinthians 10:11) . We should not forget that when Peter preached on the day of Pentecost the only bible he had was the Old Testament 3000 people were saved. I am not saying the Old Testament is more important because we know all scripture is inspired by God but we should not forget the truths of the Old Testament. Getting back to the psalm Verse 10 says: “And confirmed it to Jacob for a statute, to Israel for an everlasting covenant”. Note how God reaffirmed His covenant to every generation, firstly to Abraham, then to his son Isaac, then to his son Jacob and then to the twelve sons of Jacob. This psalm demonstrates the eternal faithfulness of God because we see the land of Israel today which God promised to the Children of Israel despite their behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour God has been faithful to His promise and we see the land lived with  His people.  Today I am so encouraged by the faithfulness of God, He is so true to His word and I want to be the man of God He has called me to be by the renewing of my mind and not conforming to the way of the world. May we never forget the faithfulness of our God.

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