Psalm 105 is unique because it is based on a Psalm written by David after the Ark of God was transported to Jerusalem for the first time. This is also recorded in 1 Chronicles 16 and is called “David’s song of thanksgiving”. Before we look at the Psalm it would be good to look at the background to understand its significance. The Ark of God was wrongly taken from the temple at Shiloh and taken as a ‘Good luck’ charm into battle and was captured by the Philistines God punished them with tumours so they sent the Ark of God back to Israel on the back of a cart and it stayed at Kirjath Learim for about 50 years and nobody including Samuel and King Saul desired that it be returned to the temple where it belonged. After David was king for 7 years he decided to build a tent tabernacle in Jerusalem and bring the Ark of God to it so that everyone could experience the presence of God. However, David did not consult the Lord as to the correct way to transport the Ark of God to Jerusalem. So David put it on a cart just like the Philistines and when the animal stumbled and it looked like the Ark of God would fall from the cart, Uzzah put his hand on the Ark of God to protect it and God struck him dead. David was angry with God for killing Uzzah because he thought God would reward his good intention and would overlook his wrong actions. I have experienced this several times and have learned that you cannot please God by doing fleshly things. David sought the Lord and discovered that the priests were the only people who could carry the Ark of God. So the Ark of God was carried on the shoulders of the priests and brought to Jerusalem with much singing and dancing before the Lord. Two things need to be highlighted firstly when David was dancing before the Lord his Michalsaw him and despised him in her heart and because of this, she became barren. This is such a warning to us that there are consequences for our thoughts, we must never dwell on wrong things. Secondly, in Amos 9:11 and Acts15:16 God declares that the Tabernacle of David will be rebuilt, God wants His presence to be seen by everyone.  Psalm 105 is called “The external faithfulness of the Lord” this is a very interesting title for it is talking about the faithfulness of the Lord that can be seen not only experienced. Verse 1 says: “Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples”. This is talking about what we say, while it is good to think about the goodness of the Lord it is much more effective when we talk about Him. This should be our standard talking point, always giving thanks to the Lord. The verse goes on to say “Call upon His name”, this is an area where we need to keep reminding ourselves that He is Lord of our lives and that He is the answer to all situations. Because at times we wrongly think that we can do it by ourselves and when we do that we become distant from our Lord. Next, it is so important that we learn to talk about His goodness to everyone, during the Pandemic so many people got caught up with other issues and did not seize the opportunity to talk about the greatness of God. So now is the time to return to talking about His goodness in our lives.

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