After the Psalmist recounts his distress and his cry to God for help, we come to the second part of this psalm where he describes how God delivered him from his distressful situation. This is a good lesson for us to learn, not to be ashamed to admit to God that we are being severely tested. It is so important that we talk to God who can help us and not to other people. Because when we talk to other people generally it only makes the situation worse. Verse 9 says: “I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living”. This verse is so profound because the Psalmist declares what he was experiencing in the land of the living. His relationship with his God applied to how he lived every day, not some fanciful idea of how God blesses which has no relevance to our everyday living. He commences this verse with the statement ‘I will’ This declares his attitude to the way that he lived, he took ownership of his destination, He did not hope that things would get better, and he knew where his victory came from and had decided that he would not deviate from that decision despite whatever circumstance he found himself in. After this choice, he clearly defined how he would live, for he said that “He would walk before the Lord”, his relationship with his Lord was real and he applied it to how he lived every day. May we be encouraged to make the same choice? Verse 10 says: “I believed, therefore I spoke, ‘I am greatly afflicted’”. Because of his great belief in his God, he had no difficulty in explaining the problem that he was facing. He was not put off by the enormity of his situation. This is how we can go through great trials because our confidence is in our God and not mankind. It is important that we understand that God “sends the rain on the just and the unjust” (Matthew 5:45). Because we live in a wicked world sometimes we suffer because of this and this is why it is essential we have a close relationship with our Lor and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is so rewarding to have our confidence in God and the only way that we experience it is when we go through hard times and come out the other side victorious. Verse 11 is very interesting because the Psalmist admits that he was wrong  “For I said, in my haste ‘all men are liars’”. In the pressure of life, it is possible to come to a wrong conclusion, just because a person lets you down it is very dangerous to apply this to all people that you know. There is a danger that when you get hurt you withdraw into yourself, this is a formula for disaster. If you come to a wrong conclusion, repent and if you have hurt someone go to that person and ask for forgiveness. How they respond is between themselves and God, But you have a clean heart so that your relationship with the Lord can continue to flourish. It is so good to keep our relationship with God pure because then He can shine through us and impact the lives of other people for His glory.


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