As we continue with the Psalmist’s decision to continually express his gratitude to his God, despite suffering the most difficult circumstances he did not stay there, he chose to bless the Lord. This a great challenge we face all the time, there is so much going on around us that we can forget how God is to be praised. Praising the Lord brings such strength to our daily walk with the Lord. As we look at this Psalm there is a phrase that the Psalmist keeps repeating and that phrase is “I WILL”. ‘I Will ‘ is so powerful for it explains exactly how we approach life. There is no misunderstanding in ‘I Will’, for we declare exactly where we stand and will not drift away from the Lord. We will never fall into the temptation to allow other things to become so important in our life than our relationship with our Lord. Verse 14 says: “I will pay my vows to the Lord now in the presence of His people “. This scripture takes a little bit to understand because today’s society pays very little attention to ‘Vows’. Unfortunately, we cannot trust what is reported to us, especially by the news, unfortunately, we cannot trust the world views which is trying to create the illusion that what they are saying is true. In bible times the exact opposite is true, when a person made a vow it was done in front of two witnesses and could be broken without suffering the consequences of a broken vow. The psalmist is very clear that no situation would or could change his commitment to his Lord. This a very fulfilling way to live, there is such joy in our relationship with the Lord when we do not allow anything to come between us and our Saviour. It is also interesting to note where the Psalmist found his Lord, it was in the presence of His people. He was not some distant God but one who was always near. This is why I name my Christian experience ‘Living With Jesus’ When you take the Lord with you all the time no what you plan to do He is always with you. Verse 15 says: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints”. Firstly the death of Godly parents, secondly, the death of our youngest daughter at the age of 40 years and the sudden death of my precious wife of 53 years. Knowing that the passing of the people that we love is precious in the eyes of my Lord softens the sense of loss that we feel, just knowing the value the Lord places on the homecoming of His loved ones certainly gives us strength found no other way.  Verse 16 says: “O Lord, truly I am your servant; I am your servant, the son of your maidservant; you have loosed my bonds “. The Psalmist had learned to more he was tied to his Lord, the freer he felt. This is one of life’s hardest lessons to learn. The more you are committed to the Lord, there is freedom that you experience in your spirit that continually refreshes you. This is exactly opposite to how the natural man (Without the Lord) thinks and is the reason why Romans 12:1 says: “And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind “. May we continually choose to live God’s way?


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