In this Psalm, I am so encouraged and challenged by David’s confidence in his God. From his teenage years, he experienced the goodness of God in his life. One of the major dangers we suffer from in the pace of life that we live, we struggle to consistently find the time to reflect on the goodness of God in our lives. Last week there were two times that I was reminded of the hand of God on my life and it was only as I started with the second time that I was reminded of the hand of God on my life that I had experienced the previous day, one thing that I have learned is if I don’t acknowledge the goodness of God in my life, I live as though I am not blessed and stop drawing closer to the Lord.  At the beginning of this year, it is a good time to take stock of how we are travelling so that we never give in to the temptation to just drift along. Verse 8a says: “Keep me as the apple of your eye”, this is a very interesting statement because “The apple of your eye” is an expression in the Bible that means “to be extremely cherished, loved, or highly valued”. We know that we cannot earn our salvation by doing good deeds. David was not saying that he wanted to be considered special by God, but because of his passion for his God, he enjoyed being part of God’s family where God loves all His children. It is not hard to realise that when we are passionate about our God He feels the same way about us. A good example of this is the record in the book of Job where God exalts Job to Satan. Being close to God is a great way to live with His hand on us daily. I cannot imagine what it would be like to love someone and that person never responded to that love. I was blessed to be married for over 53 years to Barbara who continually responded to my unconditional love and because of that response decided to love her even greater, God is like that He responds to the way that we appreciate His love and live a life that pleases Him. Verse 8b &9 says: “Hide me under the shadow of your wings, from the wicked who oppress me, from the deadly enemies who surround me “. David was very aware that he was surrounded by people and situations that wanted to destroy him. Nothing has changed because we live in a fallen world that requires us not to take our Salvation for granted. This is what the god of this world wants us to do and live a life that is not different to the people who do not love God. It is good to be reminded that there cannot be a shadow without a great light and that light is Jesus. In our life. Understand very clearly we only need to be covered by that shadow that comes from His light. Notice that David was referring to wings not the tools of warfare like a sword and a shield. What seems to be insignificant such as a wing with God’s light upon it gives supernatural protection. May we always be aware of the greatness of our God that surrounds us? And this year never forget that we are the “Apple of God’s eye” and keep responding to the great love that He has bestowed on us. As we respond to His love in our lives, the light that shines from our lives will impact many people who will choose to seek and live God’s way.


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