After David had acknowledged the enemy that he was facing he did not dwell on them, instead, he turned his focus to the source of his strength and confidence. This is a warning to us because we can get caught up in the situations we are experiencing and forget that the enemy has been defeated.

David declared in Verse 13 Arise, O Lord, confront him, cast him down, deliver my life from the wicked with their sword “. This verse gives us a glimpse of how serious was the attack on David, although David was a mighty fighter he did not rely on his ability for victory.  His first reaction was to cry out to his God because he had experienced God’s greatness so many times and was not ashamed to say that he was relying on his God. This is an area in which we are tested time and time again because it is so easy at times to rely on our understanding. This is especially true of people who have been a follower of Jesus for a long time. It is so easy to believe that we have had a part in our victory. The choice to trust in the Lord is ours to make because at times we are tempted just to coast along and when we do we are fooling ourselves into thinking that we are alright living that way. My constant prayer is that I experience a fresh relationship with my Saviour as often as I can, being close to the Lord is a very satisfying way to live. I would not have enjoyed the last 10 years without the love of my life unless I had not continually enjoyed being with Jesus.

In Verse 14 David declares: “With your hand from men, O lord, from men of the world who have their portion in this life, and whose belly you fill with your hidden treasure, they are satisfied with children, and leave the rest of their substance to their babies “. This is a very interesting verse because while David was king and lived with all the benefits of living that way, he did not isolate himself and must have spent a lot of time with people who lived ordinary lives. David was quick to acknowledge that God looks after ordinary people and provides for them whatever they need. And those people do not keep it for themselves but pass it on to the next generation what they had experienced from their God  We have the same challenge to live a Godly life with our children so that they will love the Lord for themselves just like we have.

David declares in Verse 15 “As for me, I will see your face in righteousness, I will be satisfied, when I awake in your likeness “. David makes it very clear that it was his choice as to how he was going to live his life. His number one priority was to be like his God, may we be challenged to have the same desire. I can tell you from personal experience that I have no regrets for wanting to put Jesus first in my life and would encourage every person who reads this blog to do the same. In this Psalm David constantly declares his confidence in his God no matter what situation he is facing. May we follow this example and be a blessing to everyone that are in contact with.


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