As we commence this Psalm of David I have been reflecting on his life. He was the least important in his family, he was assigned to look after the family’s sheep. There he developed a capacity to worship his God through song and action, he did not change even when he was anointed to be the next King of Israel. He went from being a shepherd boy to being captain of the soldiers, the Bible records that in all that he did he acted wisely. In all situations, David was a worshipper of his Lord. May we learn to follow his example to live that way in 2024. Verse 1 says: “Hear a just cause, O Lord, attend to my cry, give ear to my prayer that is not from deceitful lips “. This verse highlights something that we can easily forget, David was always talking to the Lord out of his relationship with his God. This is an area of our lives that is so easy to forget and do not live and act as children of God. I am a child of God and as such can talk to Him freely and expect Him to act on my behalf. It is very interesting that the problem David was facing he saw as a just cause because of his relationship with his God. The Bible does not indicate how he developed that relationship but by his actions, it was a very close one. This is a challenge to all of us because at times we can drift away, we never can be too close to Him. David also reminded his God of his Godly character, this is a very interesting idea, David knew that the way he was living was pleasing to his God and as such had no hesitation in coming to his God with his problems. As I reflect on this I am challenged because at times I try to work things out by myself and when that does not work I come to God. Because of this, I am challenged to put God first in my life instead of sometimes. Verse 2 says: “Let my vindication come from your presence, let your eyes look on those things that are upright “. This verse is such a challenge to me because I realise that part of me is still fleshly, and want to enjoy the victory that I have made.  The Bible is very clear in 1Peter 5:5 that God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, also, Matthew 5:3 says that we are blessed by God when we humble ourselves, interestingly, David declares that the presence of God in his life can be seen by other people. This at times is hard for us to see but it is true. There have been many times when I have been talking to people that suddenly the atmosphere changes and I have learned from experience the Spirit of God in me is impacting that person. This should not be something that happens now and then but every time we talk to encourage people. The next thing that David says that stands out is that what he was requesting was Godly. We can take great comfort in knowing that out of our close relationship with the Lord, the requests that we make are Godly and as such expect to see God in action meeting our needs.  This Psalm of David has a fresh challenge to us not to take our Christian living for granted but to be in awe and wonder that we have been chosen by God to demonstrate His goodness everywhere we go.

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  1. We believe we are close to God, yet I know I let life take more of my time than I should. It is wonderful that he doesn’t condemn us but embraces us instead.

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