As we continue with this Psalm of David I have been impacted by the fact that David used a very interesting word in referring to the way God worked in his life. And that word is ‘May’ which could be substituted with the word ‘Allow’. As I have reflected on this idea we see an aspect of God working in our lives that is rarely talked about.  One of the biggest limiting factors of seeing God working in our lives is the way that we think. This is very important to consider and understand because at times we do not discipline the way that we think, and our relationship with the Lord suffers. One of the biggest dangers of our thinking is that we can believe because no one sees what we are thinking then it does not matter. Proverbs 23:7a says: “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he! “,  this verse is very clear, you cannot hide what you are thinking, it will be shown by the way that you live.

David understood the significance of allowing God to work in his life, he relied on God’s ability to defend himself not his natural ability and this is a challenge that we all face. Verse 3 says: “May the Lord remember all your offerings, and accept your burnt sacrifice, Selah” This verse concludes with the encouragement to pause and reflect on the goodness of God. As we read the ‘Laws of Moses’ God went into great detail about when and how a sacrifice could be made, this was not a simple act but a very complex set of actions that was required by God to do. David was reminding his God of the passion that he had to be faithful to the requirements of the ‘Law of Moses’. While others were not passionate David was and he did not want to be counted with those who were not passionate about their God. Today we face the same challenge, there is such a pressure today not to stand out but to blend in with the crowd.  As a consequence of this, the world is getting darker, not brighter because our lights are not shining. At this moment in Australia, the number of people being born again is not keeping up with the increase in the population. We have just celebrated the Death and Resurrection of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, may what Jesus did for us inspire us to live a more effective life and impact the people we mix with.

Verse 4 says: “May He grant you according to your heart desire, and fulfil all your petitions “. Again this verse is a challenge to us – what is our heart’s desire? What is the thing that we desire most? I can only answer for myself and you as a reader for yourself. Without question, I want to be more like Jesus in all aspects of my life and in the latter years of my life I will be effective in impacting people for God in a more effective way so that many people will turn their lives around and put Jesus first in the way that they live. There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with my Saviour, while the body is slowing down I refuse to use that as an excuse for not being hot for God! Over my lifetime I have been so blessed because of my love for my Saviour. Can I challenge you to ‘Allow’ the Lord to be the most significant part of the way that you live? God wants to fulfil all your petitions, He wants us to keep asking and believing for the desires of our heart. These days are a great time to shine for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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