As we continue to continually pause and recognize the greatness of our Salvation, it is so easy at times to be tempted to coast along and forget the change in our lives because we now belong to Jesus. We live in a world where the effort and performance of individuals are promoted so much, especially in team sports. Because the team functions together they are successful but the media never portrays that aspect of playing, they want to make out that it was one person who made the difference. The Bible teaches very clearly that we are the body of Christ and no part of the body is more important and functions with the support of other parts of the body. This is something we need to guard against because we see certain people in a visible position and that does not make them superior to other people, all that is happening they are being faithful to what they are called to be just like everyone else.

When we look at King David, there was so much success under his leadership, he drove out all the enemies that the Children of Israel were content to live with when they first entered the promised land. Look at David’s attitude in Verse 5 His (King David) glory is great your ( the Lord) Salvation, honour and majesty You have placed upon him”. David makes it very clear that all his success came from God and not his ability. He had this attitude when he was looking after the sheep. He told King Saul when he was preparing to fight Goliath that God was with him when he killed the lion and the bear and that God was going to kill Goliath. Daily we need to acknowledge the goodness of our God in our lives and how he provides for us. I am overwhelmed by the little things I see the Lord doing in my life, I consider myself to be so blessed especially the last ten years living by myself.

In Verse 6 David continues: “For you have made him most blessed forever; you have made him exceedingly glad with your presence”. In this verse, David highlights one of the challenges that we continually face, our experience of a month ago, one week even though they were precious at the time they are of no consequence today. You cannot build a now experience with the Lord by living in the past. I am so thankful for what I have experienced in the past over my life but how I am living now determines the freshness of my relationship with my saviour.  Take note that being in God’s presence made David glad, in a world of so much doom and gloom in which we live this is the answer to our happiness. Being close to God is a joyful experience, this is an area that we must continually work on. The Bible very clearly states that God’s mercies are new every morning. God has provided something fresh each day to start with Him.

Verse 7 says: “For the King trusts in the Lord, and through the mercy of the Most High shall not be moved”. In this verse, we see the reason for David’s confidence and reward from the Lord. He declares “The King trusts in the Lord” he was able to say this because of how he lived. When you read how he lived there were many occasions where he ‘ Inquired of the Lord’ to know what to do – he did not rely on victories as a formula for new victories, he always wanted to know  How God was bringing the victory now! I believe this is one of the greatest challenges we face, not to rely on past victories, but to ask the Lord continually what He is saying to us now. When we continually trust in the Lord we shall not be moved.


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