As we come to the final part of this Psalm of David it is good to understand his relationship with his God.  In the previous verses, David was very strong in declaring that the enemy that he faced was in reality the enemy of his God. Today nothing has changed the god of this world knows that his time is running out fast. Because of this in recent times, there has been a major onslaught on Godly values, and sadly the church as a whole has been silent. Almost every day ungodly behaviour is being reported as being progressive and what was thought as unacceptable is now reported as the true way to live. In this time of ungodly living, there is a danger that if we fill our minds with this reporting then our relationship with the Lord suffers.

If we understand what the Bible teaches we know that God is in control and we are instructed not to lose heart when these ungodly behaviours are being declared as normal behaviour. It is time to understand what is happening in the world does not take God by surprise. Verse 11 says: “For they intended evil against you (God), they devised a plot which they are unable to perform”. We must never take our eyes off the fact that Satan has been defeated and is trying to create the illusion that he is not. Remember when Jesus had been fasting for 40 days in the wilderness, Satan tried to trick Jesus in His weakened state but was not successful. While we may not understand what is happening in the countries all around the world, one thing is certain the one who lives in us is greater than the one who is trying to create the illusion is defeated, David was very clear that the plots of the enemy would not be successful.

David continues in Verse 12 Therefore you will make them turn back, you will make ready your arrows on your string towards their faces “. This verse explains something that is not clear to us, how people made war in biblical times. The two armies would face each other with arrows in their bows ready to fire. If one side assessed that the other side was stronger then they would turn around and try to run away from the other side. In this verse, David clearly states that God is fully prepared for battle and faces the enemy knowing that the enemy will be defeated because of His greater strength. Then in Verse 13 David turns his focus on his God, and he says: “Be exalted, O Lord, in your own strength! We will sing and praise your power “. This should be our daily song, God’s power and strength is worthy of all of our praise and singing. I have found that when I start singing to the Lord it seems to reinforce the truth that I am declaring. The title of this Psalm is ‘Joy in the Salvation of the Lord’ and this is something that we should be experiencing daily.

But this only happens when our complete focus is on the greatness of our God. It is so good to hear reports from all around the world that people are to the Lord in significant numbers. We who have experienced the greatness of Salvation are rejoicing seeing people committing their lives to Jesus. This is a good example of the light shining brightest in the dark times. May we continually experience the joy our Salvation.


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