This blog has great significance to me as it is my 200th blog, little did I know when I first wrote my blog that it would develop into what it is today. The Lord has used my blogs to encourage and impact so many people. I feel so blessed and honoured to be used by God at this season of my life. Also, I am commencing a new Psalm of David which is titled “Joy in the Salvation of the Lord”, it is so good to be reminded of how David came to this conclusion. To have continual joy in any situation does not come automatically, it is a choice that we make that we will find pleasure in loving our Saviour.

Verse 1 says: “The king shall have joy in your strength, O Lord, and in your salvation, how greatly shall he rejoice”. It is good to take note that David uses the word ’Shall’ twice in this verse. Shall is a positive choice we make and is not allowed to change, it declares great determination and satisfaction. This is a great challenge for us, because it is so easy to be impacted at church and if we are not careful the pressures of life can dim our experience with our God. This is why it is so important to have a regular set-apart time with our God, this is not optional, because if we do not we drift away from God without knowing what has happened to us.

Just because we can talk “Christianese” does not mean that we are following closely our Saviour. Notice He refers to himself as the King, this was a position where he was constantly in demand in ruling the nation, he did not allow that pressure to intrude with his relationship with his Lord. David found joy in knowing the greatness of his God, he understood the victories he was experiencing were not because of his ability, but it was God who gave him the victory. This is an area of life in which we need to work, we have been reminded of our great Salvation at Easter, but now Easter has passed it is important that we daily thank the Lord for our Salvation. This truth has been brought home to me in a real way, my elder brother would have had nothing to do with spiritual things and lived an ungodly life and because of that lifestyle died before he reached 60 years. I am so glad at the age of 15 years chose to be born again and have enjoyed my Salvation these 70 years.

Isaiah 12: 3 says: “Therefore with joy you shall draw water from the wells of Salvation “. Verse 2 says: “You have given him his heart’s desire, and have not withheld the requests of his lips, Selah”. As I have looked back over my long life there have been so many occasions, too many to mention where I have experienced the answer to the cry of my heart, at the end of the verse we are instructed to pause and reflect on what is revealed in this verse. This is something that we do not do enough. It is very dangerous to take the greatness of our God for granted. I am so glad for this God-given opportunity I have to encourage people to live a life that is close to their Saviour. Also, to tell people of the greatness of God in our lives. I have found the more I talk about my Saviour the better that I feel. There is nothing like experiencing the peace of God living in these evil times. This is why it is so important to pause and reflect on the Goodness of God in our lives. There is a joy that God desires us to constantly experience because it is His desire for us to know His goodness and be seen in our lives.


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