As we come to this new Psalm which has the title “A prayer for divine security and redemption”. In this Psalm we see David doing something foreign to most of us. David asks the Lord to look at him and check him out to see if the way that he is living pleases God. This concept is most foreign to us and is something that we rarely talk about. As I have started to reflect on what David is saying I am challenged by how little when I am with my friends my conversation is about my walk with the Lord. It seems so easy to talk about anything but how precious is the presence of the Lord to me in my daily walk with Jesus? The more that I think about it I suspect that because we do not talk to fellow Christians about the Lord, we never mention or encourage them by telling them how good it is to be born again then we never then talk to unbelievers about Jesus.

It is interesting how small minority groups can influence the media by talking out and not allowing themselves to be sidetracked or silenced. God has been so good to us so I believe that it is time for us to be vulnerable before God and make whatever changes we should make to the way that we live. In Verse 1 David says: “Vindicate me, O Lord, For I have walked in my integrity, I have also trusted in the Lord; I shall not slip”. This word is so powerful, it is not a suggestion but a strong command to speak out the truth about the way a person lives. David was so certain of the way that he was living that he could ask God to declare it to the people around him. This idea challenges me in a significant way, am I comfortable for the Lord to seriously look at how I live and the thoughts that I have thought so that God can hold me up as a true follower of Him? This idea is something that I do not think about very often, because we become very content with living a certain way of life without putting it under the microscope of God’s truth and our relationship with our God.

1 John 3:21 says: “Beloved if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence towards God” In this verse we see David having confidence towards his God because he goes on to say “For I have walked in my integrity (Uprightness ), I have also trusted in the Lord”. This is a great declaration of his relationship with his God which was expressed by the way that he lived. When he had the opportunity to kill King Saul who was trying to kill him, would not do it even though he was encouraged to do so by his friends. The words that he spoke were a true reflection of how he lived. I have found by personal experience because we can at times talk about spiritual things we can be deceived into believing this is how we are living when it is not true. I am encouraged by David’s statement “ I shall not slip”.

This is a decision that we must make every day because if we don’t we will slip and not be aware of slipping. David continues in Verse 2 Examine me, O Lord, and prove me, try my mind and my heart”. Our mind is where our thoughts come from and are under our control, we are responsible for what we think about, it is our choice. Our Heart is the place where our spirit is in control, it is where we choose to be a close follower of Jesus. If we do not control our thoughts then our heart suffers, and this is something that we should be aware of. In this season it is timely to follow David’s example and allow the Lord to speak to us so that we be a great witness of the goodness of God today!


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