David continues to declare that the way of ungodly men has no place in the way that we live. We must be very clear that the standards of this world in which we live if we live by them then our relationship with the Lord suffers. I have noticed how the church has not stood up for that which is right. There is one good area, the number of ‘Faith-based schools has increased as parents have decided those schools teach better values than secular state-run schools. There has been a lowering of Christian values which the church has done little to confront. Over the past, we have heard so little about how sin separates us from God. It is disappointing to hear that the divorce rate is the same for church attendees and non-church people. It is rare to hear Godly values being taught from the pulpit regularly. Verse 5 says: “The boastful shall not stand in your sight, you hate all workers of iniquity “. In this verse, the Psalmist is not backward in declaring that God hates ungodly behaviour. Sin is sin and as such has no place in a Christian way of living. This is rarely discussed because most Christians see nothing wrong with being entertained by ungodly behaviour which is so easily available in our homes. Just because other people do not know what is happening God knows exactly the attitude of the heart. And because people attending church learn how to speak ‘Christianese’ they think living without God is acceptable. David is very clear in what he believes, not only does God hate sinful behaviour he declares in Verse 6 “You shall destroy those who speak falsehood, the Lord abhors (Regards with disgust) the bloodthirsty and the deceitful man “  The Lord is disgusted with ungodly behaviour and sadly we have become desensitised to the ungodly way of the world. Unfortunately, our spirits are not rising and crying out to God to intervene in the world by building His church, but we pass it off as too hard to change. As I was thinking about this I am reminded that we can be passionate about many things but not God. When Barbara was alive I took it very seriously and let Her know that she was loved and never got tired of showing it, In fact, The more I did it the more I wanted to do it and the more pleasure I experienced. However, at times I have struggled to apply the same passion to my Lord. I do it for a while and then other things seem to creep in and take over. David says in Verse 7 But as for me, I will come to your house in the multitude of your mercy, in fear (in deepest awe NLT) of you I will worship towards your Holy Temple “. Here David is saying it does not matter how other people are living it will not stop him from being passionate about his Lord. I feel the same way, it is my number-one priority to go to Church and enjoy His presence with fellow believers. The NLT says “In deepest awe, I will worship”, This describes how I feel about my Saviour, I am so thankful because He sought me and I said “Yes” and have enjoyed His salvation these 69 years and look forward to many more loving God.


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