It is good to keep reminding ourselves of the greatness of God in our lives. Because the world is getting darker all the time there is a danger that we can take our salvation for granted. When this happens we perform out of habit instead of enjoying the greatness of God who provided this great Salvation. David declared that he would have the Lord before his eyes continually and that God takes no pleasure in wickedness. His first response was always to turn to the Lord because it was the Lord and His ways that he trusted in. Verse 8 says: “Lead me O Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies, make your way straight before my face “. David was under attack by his enemies who were seeking to destroy him. I am encouraged by the fact that even though he was being attacked his first response was not that he asked  God to destroy his enemies but to ask the Lord to show him His ways. This is a very important to learn always have your eyes on the Lord and seek His ways and this allows everything to fade into the background. As I look back over my life there have been times when my focus was on the devil and I spent a lot of my time rebuking him, it was only when I remembered my focus on the devil I declared that he had power over me which he did not have. When I started to declare the greatness of my God the situation changed. David’s cry in this verse is for the Lord to lead him in God’s way and make His way clear to him. This can only happen when we stop struggling and rest in the Lord. It is good to keep reminding ourselves that we belong to Jesus and He will protect us. It is so important that we do not allow ourselves to be influenced by the voice of the ungodly, I have decided to watch the daily news as little as possible. There was a time when the news was the news, now it is only man’s opinion trying to change the moral standards by which we are to live. David understood the character and the behaviour of the ungodly for he said in verses 9&10 For there is no faithfulness in their mouth, their inward part is destruction, their mouth is an open tomb, they flatter with their tongue.  Pronounce them guilty, O God! Let them fall by their own counsels, cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions, for they have rebelled against you “. It does not matter what story is told, how they are trying to help people and trying to make the lives of the disadvantaged better, it does not change the fact that the god of this world is not good, and we join with the Psalmist and say “They have rebelled against you”. This must be at the forefront of our thinking, a close and lasting relationship with the Lord is the only for us to live. While we must do good, doing good is not a substitute for our relationship with Him. God wants us to do both live a life close to Him and help the poor and needy where we can. It is time for our lights to shine in this dark world.


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