As we come to the final part of this Psalm it has been so encouraging to see David declare his trust and confidence in his God. He relied upon his God to be shown the right way to live because he also knew that his God took no pleasure in ungodly behaviour. This understanding is also refreshing because we live in a world that promotes ungodly attitudes and behaviour. It is so good to be reminded that God has set apart a place for those who reject His way. This means that when we choose to live God’s way we find such pleasure and satisfaction. I write these blogs on Monday morning because I find my spirit so refreshed after worshipping the Lord with fellow believers yesterday at church. I find there is nothing greater than to join together with other believers and praise and worship the Lord. Verse 11 says: “But let all those rejoice who put their trust in you, let them even shout for joy, because you defend them, let those also love your name be joyful in you “. There is nothing better than praising the Lord, especially when you use your mouth to do so. While it is good to think good things about the Lord, it is better when you speak praises to our God. One of the advantages I have living by myself I am limited in the time I have to praise the Lord. The verse commences with the instruction for those who put their trust in God to praise Him, if you fall into that category then do the same. Rejoicing is such a contrast to sadness which is the result of believing the bad behaviour being reported all the time.  This encouragement does not stop with rejoicing but goes to the next level of shouting for joy. You cannot shout unless you are enthusiastic about something. We see this behaviour at sporting events, loving God is so much better than these pleasures so we must learn to shout for joy. The verse goes on to say that those who love the name of the Lord will be joyful. When we remember what the Lord has done for us it is so easy to be joyful.  Verse 12 says: “For you, O Lord, will bless the righteous, with favour you will surround him as a shield “. I like the way that David is so certain about his Lord, he knew from personal experience what his Lord was like for he declared that the ‘Lord will’. This is not a suggestion but a statement of fact. There is a great blessing when you live God’s way, this is what I have found as I look back over my lifetime I have forgotten the number of times the Lord has blessed me.  I like the metaphor David used to describe the protection of the Lord. In David’s time in the battle, you were safe from the arrows and swords of the enemy when you used your shield. This is how David declares the favour of the Lord, it surrounds you and cannot be penetrated. This Psalm has encouraged me as I have read of David’s dependence on his Lord and his unshakeable trust in Him.


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