As we commence this new Psalm of David, it is good to be reminded that throughout his life David faced many challenges, including persecution from his enemies, betrayal and political turmoil. Despite these trials, David consistently turned to his God for strength and refuge. Hence the title of this Psalm “A calm resolve to wait for the Salvation of God”. May we experience the trials of life in a fallen world with all its pressures and come to the same conclusion as David did. His only reliable help came from the God whom he loved. Verse 1 says: “Truly my soul silently waits for God, from Him comes my Salvation “.

When the Bible uses the word ‘Truly’ it is a sign to us to take note of what is being said. It is not a good suggestion to consider but a fact to be applied to our everyday circumstances of life. Sadly at times, we can read God’s word and not fully obey it because we do not see it as something that must be followed despite what we may be experiencing. David is very clear that he is not talking about his experiences to every person he meets but is coming to His God. Our soul is that part of us that chooses the way that we think and live, and one of life’s challenges is to be silent when we know that God is in control of our lives. When we talk about our problems to other people we are looking for sympathy from people which suggests that we are not seeking the answer from God. It takes great faith to silently wait for God, this suggests that when we come to God with a problem the timing of the answer may not be as we expected.

At times it is easier to say that we are trusting God than to patiently wait for God’s answer. As I look back over my life I see the hand of God working situations out for the greatest good that I did not see at the time. David goes on to say “From Him comes my Salvation”. There is great peace in our lives when we come to this conclusion and try not to rely on our strength to live by. Verse 2 says: “He only is my rock and my Salvation, He is my defence. I shall not be greatly moved “. As we look at this verse it requires us to do some soul-searching because at times we can learn to act like a follower of Jesus without being one. In the business of life, it is so easy to back off and not be as passionate about Jesus as we once were.

The sad thing is that we can try and justify that behaviour and not repent and go back to our first love of Jesus. We can only say ‘He is my rock’ when this is the way we are living, not what we think about our relationship with Jesus.  I am so encouraged by David’s response when he said “ I shall not be greatly moved”, this phrase suggests that he was tempted to doubt but he turned to his experiences with his God so that he could say ‘I shall not’, this declares how David felt about his God. Today we face the same challenges, The Bible says in the last days many people would be deceived and I saw this during the recent pandemic. May we choose and declare that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the only one we can turn to and trust in this season of our life.


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1 thought on “Psalms that have impacted my life Psalm 62

  1. Everyday is a new day with Jesus, we say sorry , and we start afresh, how wonderful it is ourselves who hold onto things. So glad God is in control

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