As this Psalm continues David makes it very obvious that his trust in God is not something that he just talks about but an expression of how he lives. When you look at David’s life especially before he was crowned King of Israel, even though he had been anointed to be the next King his life had many significant challenges. I have discovered that how I act when things are not pleasant is a good indication of my trust in my Lord. There is nothing more encouraging when you observe people acting Godly especially when their situation is not easy. I will never forget that when I was a pastor at Dandenong there was an elderly couple the Moultons, the wife was bedridden so I used to bring them communion to their home weekly. There were many times when I felt I had nothing encouraging to say to them but always went away blessed by the way they spoke about the love of God in their lives.

David declares in Verse 7 In God is my salvation and my glory, the rock of my strength, and the refuge is in God “. In this verse, David is very clear about his relationship with his God. We live at a time when the world offers so much to distract us from being one-eyed about our Saviour. I am so passionate about my God and am blessed to be able to declare it in my blogs. The greatest satisfaction you can have is when you are close to your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am so encouraged by the NLT version of this Verse which says: “My Salvation and honour comes from God alone. He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can touch me “. David was unashamed to declare that it was God’s ability that made him successful not his natural ability.

This an area that we need to be careful about, 1 Peter 4:11 tells us to use the ability that God gives with the strength that He supplies. If we use our God-given with our strength we then become ungodly and seek praise for our effort. Verse 8 says: “Trust in Him at all times, you people, pour out your heart before Him, God is a refuge to us, Selah “. It is easy at times to declare that we trust in God but it is more difficult to declare that we trust Him at all times. This is where our ego has to be kept in check, I have found from bitter experience claiming the success of my life was due to me, not God, it is a slippery slide away from God. There is nothing more fulfilling than allowing God to flow through you and impact the lives of other people.

David goes on to say “ Pour out your heart before Him”, one of the greatest fallacies we can believe is that we can hide our actions and thoughts from God. This is an area we need to take stock of and be very clear about it, when we understand that God is interested in us and what we do, we then can pour out our hearts to Him. He delights to know all about our struggles and when we talk to Him about them, it is an opportunity for Him to give us His Godly answer to our situation. David declared next that God is a refuge which is a place where the enemy cannot touch you, you are completely safe. It is so important that we believe this because of the turmoil that is happening all around us, if we do not believe that God is our refuge and we are safe trusting in Him we will have difficulty in applying ‘Selah” to our lives which means to pause and reflect. This is most beneficial when we do this with our God and remember what He has given us.


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2 thoughts on “Psalms that have impacted my life Psalm 62 Part 4

  1. Thank you for this opportunity to follow your wise words that are from the Lord. I respect my elders and look forward to learning from your blogs, will share them with my family. God Bless you Ian

    1. Thank you for your word of encouragement, I am so blessed at this season of my life that I have the opportunity impact the lives of fellow believers. I am so pleased that you are sharing the blogs with your family. Blessings Ian

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