As we come to the final part of this psalm of David it is good to be reminded of the reason that he wrote this psalm. David was overwhelmed by his Lord’s salvation and the way his Lord provided for him. This is a lesson for us because at times we are tempted to forget the greatness of our God and just take life for granted. David started this Psalm with the statement that praise was coming to God, he wanted God to know that he did not take for granted his relationship with his God.  This is a good way to start with thankfulness for the things that the Lord has done in his life. He went on to say that God had made provision for his transgressions, and he did not live feeling guilty for the sins that he had committed. He also knew that when his sins were forgiven God remembered them no more. This truth is something that we have to apply daily, just because we can remember things in our past does not mean God still remembers them, This is a strategy of Satan to bring to our mind things that God has forgotten. and because God has forgotten they have no hold over us. Then David spent some time declaring the greatness of God’s creation, everywhere he looked he saw the handiwork of God, and then he declared what he saw everywhere the handiwork of God. He then declared his awe and wonder at how God had created the earth. This is something that is easily forgotten, we live in God’s creation and at times we forget the greatness of our God. When you remember God’s creation you become overwhelmed by the greatness of our God, This is something that we need to pause and be overwhelmed by the greatness of our God. Also, it is important to never forget how the Lord provides for us. This is what I have experienced over the last 9 years, my income is the aged pension for a single person plus a small amount from superannuation. I live in an 8-unit complex and there have been several significant debts to upgrade the complex, as I look back over the years I am overwhelmed by the greatness of God. Verses 11-13 say: “You crown the year with your goodness, and your paths drip with abundance. They drop upon the pastures of the wilderness. The pastures are clothed with flocks; the valleys also are covered with grain; they shout for joy, they also sing “. Everywhere, David saw the handiwork of his God and that was a choice, today we are faced with the same challenge, over the last few years we have been exposed to fake news, and declarations of doom and gloom so that many people have succumbed to the fear promoted by the god of this world. This attitude has no part in the way that we live, we know and experience that God is in control so that we can walk with a spring in our step. This psalm has taught that God has provided such a great salvation and He provides for us all the days of our Life. May we never forget this and live a thankful life.

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