As we continue with this psalm we see the passion David has for his Lord. He not only declares his complete trust in his God but he also takes it further which could hold him back from a pure relationship with his God. This is something that we rarely consider, we seem too busy to pause and check our motives to see if they are not God-glorifying. David says in Verses 3&4 O Lord my God, if I have done this, if there is iniquity (Wickedness) in my hands, if I have repaid evil to him who was at peace with me, or have plundered my enemy without cause “. It is so encouraging to see how David approached his God, he declared that the Lord is his God. There is no substitute for a strong personal relationship with our God, when this is a reality we have no problem talking about the issues of life with our Lord, this is how God wants to relate with us. It should be something we are doing all the time. It is such a good habit to have to set apart some time every day for us to be impacted by the Lord. We must never forget how important it is to set that time apart for that time to be with our God. I like the way that David continues, while there is nothing obvious to him at that moment he wants to be certain because he lives in an ungodly world that he might unwittingly have become like the ungodly. This is a very important point to consider, sadly we all from time to time do things that do not please God. The danger of this is that can dismiss it as trivial and do nothing about it. We must never forget like David that sin separates us from our God whether intentional or not.  This is why a close relationship with the Lord is so precious, the moment we do wrong our spirit becomes uneasy and we must repent to keep our relationship with the Lord pure.  I have been challenged by this concept of laying my life open to see the motives by which I live. I am amazed at how serious David was about his self-examination of his attitudes. Because he declares he was prepared to suffer the consequences of doing wrong. This is an area that is rarely mentioned, while we know that God forgives us we still have to suffer the consequences of our wrongdoing. A good example of this is if I speed and am fined while God has forgiven me I still have to pay the fine. David says in Verse 5 Let the enemy pursue me, and overtake me. Yes, let them trample my life to the earth, and lay my head in the dust “. In this verse, David is very graphic in his description of the description of the consequences of hidden sin. This is certainly a warning to us not to live a life half-hearted. The trouble is if you persist in living that way you do not hear the voice of correction any more and do not change. This is a wake-up call to all of us while we live in this world. The habits of the world should never be part of how we live. David did not sit on the fence, he was very clear about his confidence in his God and did not want to do anything that would break that confidence, may we be encouraged to live by David’s example.


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