After David had gone through a thorough examination of his attitude to his God and the way that he lived, in that examination he made certain that his total focus was living a life where everything was pleasing to his God. He then turned to his God because he knew that it was God who protected him in every situation. This is a good reminder to us, do not allow the ways of the world to creep into the way that we live. Let us also have a clear understanding like David that God protects his children. Verse 6 says: “Arise O Lord, in your anger, lift yourself up because of the rage of my enemies, and awake for me to the judgement you have commanded “. This is a very interesting concept, David was reminding his God how the people were acting, even though God knows everything it is good for us to remind God of events, because when we do that we are reinforcing to ourselves how we believe in the greatness of our God. Also, David asked his God to speak to him, because he wanted to experience God speaking to him. Sadly this is an area that we often fail in. Because while it is easy to talk to God it takes great discipline and time to rest and allow Him to speak to us.  I have this to be a great challenge to rest in Him and allow Him to speak to me.  Because at times I am too busy for this to happen. The reason for David crying out is in Verse 6 is found in Verse 7 which says: “So that the congregation of the people shall surround you, for their sakes, therefore, return on high”. In this verse, David sets a great example for us, while he protects his relationship with his God. He was very concerned about the people of his kingdom, he wanted them to experience the same confidence he had in God. This is very important to understand while I may and do enjoy spending time with my God it is so important for me to pass on that wonderful experience and encourage as many people as I can to enjoy the pleasure of loving the Lord. David asked the Lord to demonstrate that He was in control, while we may know that this is true, while we know this to be true there is a danger that because of what the world is saying and doing we can forget the greatness of our God and start to be overwhelmed by the standards of the world. Romans 12:2 reminds us: “And do not be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove that good and acceptable and perfect will of God ‘. Verse 8 says: “The Lord shall judge the peoples, judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, and according to my integrity within me”. In this verse, David is very clear about his standing with his God. This is something that we should also be very clear about. Understand the passion you have for your God, do not compare yourself with other people but walk in the victory of having a clear conscience with our God. We know that God will judge the world so may we always come to our God first, before other people and allow Him to sift us so that we can be a shining example of a person who loves God in this dark world.


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