The title of this Psalm is “Prayer and Praise for deliverance from enemies”. This is an interesting statement that describes the best way to face problems, come to God with great confidence and thank Him even before the situation has changed. David did this in Verse 1 which says: “O Lord my God, in you, I put my trust, save me from all those who persecute me, and deliver me “. In this verse, David is very clear that his trust is in his God. He called God ‘My God’. This is such a good reminder for us because at times we can be caught up with everyday issues of life and take our relationship with God for granted. The danger of this way of living is that when you do this your closeness with your God suffers and is not as close as it could be. This is something I learned during my 53 years of marriage, there was a time when I got so busy that I started to take my marriage for granted and the joy of being with Barbara disappeared. This is why I wrote the free booklet titled “Reflections of a Married Man” to warn men to love their wives in ever-increasing ways. The same thing applies to our spiritual walk with God, other things can start to be more important than spending time with God. The sad deception is just because we learn to talk Christian talk it does not mean we are living that way. May we join with David and say and experience ‘My God’.  David knew he was under attack but did not know the specific problem he faced. The first time he felt that something was not right he turned to his God. This can only come out of a strong personal relationship with his God. While David did not know exactly who was about to attack him, he knew the outcome for he said in Verse 2 Lest they tear me like a lion, rending me in pieces, while there is none to deliver “. This is a very interesting statement about David because he was a  very good warrior, he had killed a lion and a bear and Goliath with God’s help, he was feeling all alone, but despite this feeling of being all alone, his confidence was in his God. He knew that God would save him. This is such a challenge to me, do I trust in my understanding or do I trust in the Lord wholly? This is why it is so important to build a daily relationship with our God, while it may take a determined effort the result is so rewarding. Over the last 9 years living without my wife, except for missing her, I have experienced a relationship with the Lord in a completely new way. It did not just happen I had to choose to live in a certain way and not deviate from it. The result is now I write my weekly blog to encourage those people who read it. I can declare with such certainty that loving the Lord is so rewarding. David had the same confidence in his God because he had seen God save him so many times and was not afraid to declare his confidence in his God. In a time when the world is in such an uncertain time with such ungodly behaviour, this is the time for us to declare that our trust is in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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