Psalm 19

While there are many reasons why the many Psalmists wrote their various psalms, Psalm 19 is very unique. The title of this psalm is “The Perfect Revelation of the Lord”, so it will be with great interest to see how David achieves this in this psalm. David does not try to use something new to do this but uses something very familiar to get our attention. We live at a time when we have allowed ourselves to be dominated by new things, a significant part of the world’s economy is based on people always buying new things which are not essential to how they live. David reminds us that it is not things that glorify God’s name but what He has created. This is why the god of this world (Satan) has made such an unrelenting assault with misinformation to get the world as a whole to accept that there is no creation. Evolution takes God out of everything that we could be captivated by because God’s creation is so captivating and when we see what God has created we become overwhelmed by the greatness of God.  This psalm demonstrates the fact that all scriptures are inspired by God because David wrote things that were way past his natural understanding. In David’s time when he looked at the sky and saw the sun during the day and the moon at night and had a few glimpses of the stars – he had no idea of the greatness of God’s creation. Verse 1 declares: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament (Sky) shows His handiwork”. There is an adage “Familiarity breeds contempt” and unfortunately this is so true and applies to the way that we live if we do not take stock of how we live regularly. There is a great danger that we can take the people close to us for granted and we need to be on guard against it. As I was preparing to write this blog about psalm 19 I was challenged by the thought “When was the last time I was in awe of God’s creation” and the simple answer was a long time ago. What surprised me was all this happened while I am committed to loving God and appreciate His love for me. When I considered His creation I realise how small I am in the whole of God’s plan, this is not a putdown but helps keep my ego in check, for Satan wants us to feel important. “The heavens (Galaxies) declare the glory of God”, the definition of o galaxy is “A band of stars encircling the heavens”. When I was growing up scientists had discovered a couple of galaxies but now have discovered many more and are building new equipment to discover even more. It is so marvelous the way the earth is positioned to support life, these are things that we do not see but experience the greatness of God without being aware of it. Now is a good time to pause and be aware of the greatness of our God!

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