Psalm 46  Part 2

As we continue with this truth “God Is” I have realised while we can know a lot about God – in fact, it is so easy to quote scriptures but deep down we do not expect God to work miraculously. We have become very comfortable in expecting God not to act because we have seen Him do in the last few years which is very little. As I have been preparing myself to write about God I have had to repent for allowing myself not to rely on the Lord instead of just living life comfortably. God has reminded me of His greatness when He sent those plagues on Egypt none of those plagues touched the children of Israel. There was darkness in Egypt but the children of Israel lived in the light. Sometimes it is hard to accept that God wants to be the same today in our lives. The three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, Daniel in the lion’s den,  Joshua commanding the sun and moon to stand still. People were healed by the shadow of Peter as it touched the people. I am so challenged by these examples of the greatness of God and how easy it is to live a life content where the greatness of God is not seen. Instead of the world, the power of God manifested all the world sees is a group of people arguing over their rights. I believe God has drawn my attention to Psalm 46 so that I can change and allow Him to be Lord of my life. I feel challenged so much at this moment that I do not know what to write because I do not want anyone feeling condemned but to have a life-changing encounter with God. This psalm is very clear that when we are experience things like we are experiencing now God is the answer. How important it is to come to Him and not align ourselves with what the world is saying. God declares that He is available right now we do not have to do anything except turn to Him. In verses 2&3 the psalmist reminds us of the right time to come to the Lord and that is right now. It does not matter how bleak the situation looks to our natural eyes we are reminded that God is the answer when the world has no answer, over the last two years we have gone from one crisis to another. At the end of verse 3, the psalmist uses the word ‘Selah” which has three possible meanings. Firstly, it means “forever” the truth you have just read lasts forever, Secondly, which is the most popular, it means to “Pause and contemplate”. The third meaning is to “Lift up and exalt”(to praise) which means the previous words are there to encourage us in our walk with the Lord. I am so glad that God is a present God and we do not have to try to find Him because He is always with us.

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