Psalm 27  Part 2

As I am drawn to this psalm of David I am encouraged by David’s boldness in verse 3, where he declares his confidence in the Lord. He was not put off by the circumstances of life which in the natural looked like a major problem. He was not affected by it because his complete trust was in his God. This is such an encouragement to me in this stage of my life where the world is in such despair and such a sense of hopelessness but each day to me is a day of sweet fellowship with my Lord. Now I want to look at verses 4 -6 which gives further insight into David’s relationship with his Lord. He starts the verse with “One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek”. This is one of the greatest truths of how to enjoy living with Jesus – something that is easy to say but life-changing when put into practice. Over the years I have been told by well-meaning people that I take living with Jesus too seriously and I consider that a compliment – I am at my happiest when I am talking about my Lord and encouraging people to do the same. In the world in which we live with modern technology especially social media, it is so easy to be sidetracked from having one desire and that desire is Jesus. When I put Jesus first and allow Him to shine in me I am a better person in all aspects of my life. Because this is so powerful Satan will try to blind us and convince us that other things are more important. While the starting point is a choice that we make it cannot be maintained unless we allow our spirit to be the dominant factor in the way that we live. The big challenge that we have is for our spirit to be the dominant factor then we must humble ourselves so that I am not important anymore but to allow Jesus to be number one in my life. Now let us look at what David’s first desire is, firstly “That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life”. This exposes a significant truth of how to find total satisfaction in Jesus – it is not something that we can experience from time to time. It is just like marriage, if we do not have a lifetime commitment to our Wife/Husband then there is a good chance the marriage will not last. So it is with our relationship with the Lord if it is not the most important thing to us then our relationship will grow cold and most likely it will die. Dwelling in the house of the Lord speaks of practising the presence of the Lord, this is something so easy to learn. When our mind relaxes our thoughts are automatically on the goodness of the Lord and we become aware of how close He is to us. Secondly, “To behold the beauty of the Lord and enquire at His temple”. What we see has a tremendous effect on our behaviour, we must be very careful of what we see, looking at ungodly behaviour for entertainment destroys our close relationship with the Lord. Choose to see the beauty of the Lord in our daily living, and when we come to make the decisions of life we have to make our primary source will be from the Lord.

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