As we come to the last part of this Psalm, I have been challenged/ impacted by the attitude of David. He wrote this psalm when something unique had taken place, the Ark of God was in Jerusalem for the first time in the history of the Children of Israel. While the Ark of God had been brought to Jerusalem that was not the focus of this psalm. The title of this psalm is “The external faithfulness of the Lord” or “The visible faithfulness of the Lord”. This is something that sometimes we can forget because there is a tendency to live in the ‘now’ and while it is important to love the Lord in our present situation we should not forget the hand of our Lord over our lifetime.  There is a danger that we confuse trying to repeat the past against acknowledging how the Lord has been in all of our life. I am encouraged by part of this song “All my life you have been faithful, all my life you have been so good”. While David was so excited to have the Ark of God in Jerusalem he did not forget how God had made Israel a great nation from the obedience of Abraham and Sarah. In the last part of this psalm, David concentrates on how God set them free from Egypt. He reminded the people how God had inflicted the plagues on the Egyptians without affecting the Children of Israel. They went to Egypt as a family of 70 people and came out a rich nation of a couple of million people. And they saw the hand of God inflicting suffering on the Egyptians, they also saw the Egyptian army drown. Verse 38 says: “Egypt was glad when they departed, for the fear of the Lord had fallen upon them”. God protected and fed them in the wilderness, He provided a pillar cloud by day for shade and a pillar of fire at night for warmth. He provided water from a rock and satisfied them with bread from heaven. And He gave them the land promised to Abraham all those years before. There is so much that could be written about the faithfulness of God’s promise to Israel. I am encouraged by David that when he experienced something new and great from the Lord he did not just dwell on the present but rejoiced in the faithfulness of the Lord. In this season in which we are now living, a season which we have never experienced before it is good to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness in our lives. Firstly I am reminded of what great salvation He has provided for us. Because of His great love for you and me, He died on the cross and rose again on the third day that I may live a life free from the power of sin. I am so glad that He returned to heaven so that I can experience the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit. It is so good to be part of His family and see His hand in my life. As we see the Lord build His church may we continually be reminded of the faithfulness of our God because He is worthy of all praise.

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1 thought on “Scriptures that have impacted my life Psalm 105 Part 6

  1. We can definitely look back on our life and be grateful or perhaps woe is me but we always need to live in the now so we can grow, encourage and be a blessing to others as we listen to the Holy Spirt. We should be so thankful for the freedom we have to go to church, listen to spiritual songs and grow in Him

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