The story of the wise men is found in Matthew 2:1-12 and while there is very little information about these wise men the facts that are needed are there to be considered. Traditionally the wise men have been named as the three wise men after the three gifts given to the baby Jesus. Most likely the number would have been a lot greater because it most unlikely that such a small group would travel two years by themselves. There are a couple of facts that also need to be considered for at the time of the story there was no Jewish kingdom and as such there was no king of the Jews. Palestine had been conquered and governed by Rome and the Roman army for about 60 years before Jesus was born. While the news did not travel fast in those days it is reasonable to assume that all the nearby nations would be aware of the capture by the Roman army. The next thing to be considered and it is most important that all other nations were considered as pagan nations – not following the one and only true God. In this ungodly environment, God appeared to these wise men in such a powerful way that they ignored natural logic and was obedient in following the star for two years. How they knew from the star that Jesus was born the Bible gives no information and how it happened. As I have reflected on this fact I am reminded of the many testimonies of Moslem people being saved by a dream or vision of Jesus, although no one had witnessed to them in the Moslem country God reveals Himself to them. Now we come to the Bible account found in Matthew chapter 2, the first thing recorded is that after following the star for two years they lost the star – there was something significant about that star it was visible during the day as well as at night (Matthew 2:9). As I look back over my life there have been several significant encounters with the Lord and unfortunately with the process of time have allowed these encounters to fade and not be part of my daily living – this is why we need a daily fresh experience with the Lord. What did the wise men do when this happened to them – they relied on their natural logic and understanding and because of this choice, many children were killed by Herod. When we lose touch with God it is important to remember how He came to us in the first place – the wise men did not do this instead they used their logic and went to Jerusalem and asked to see the child who was born to be king of the jews. Herod asked the chief priest where the Christ was to be born and he was told that it had been prophesied that Bethlehem was the place. Herod told the wise men to go and find the child and return so that he could go and worship the child. The moment they left Herod they saw the star – it had been there all the time. This can happen to us, just because we are not aware of His presence it does not mean that He is not with us. The wise men followed the star to the house where Jesus was living (Matthew 2:9). They went into the house and presented gifts to Jesus of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh – Gold speaks of kingly authority, Frankincense speaks of being anointed by God, and Myrrh was used to anoint the dead body for burial. This account of the wise men tells us of the greatness of God who uses anyone available to be used by Him. This Christmas time may our eyes be opened and let us desire to be used by God.

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