As I look back over this year  2023 I am so thankful to the Lord for what He has done! Firstly, I want to personally thank the Lord for my spiritual journey this year. I have been able to publish four Booklets which are available for free download on my web page. I am so thankful to the Lord that He inspired my son Brad to improve my web page, he added a facility for people to enter their email details and receive my weekly blog every Wednesday, almost 100 people now use this facility and the feedback has been so encouraging. He also added a daily scripture to the web page which has been well received.  I am also encouraged by the significance of my web page worldwide, I could never imagine that God could use me to bless people at this stage of my life. Whilst I may be a little slower physically, spiritually I am more alive than ever and enjoy being in His presence and it is so great to be alive. Secondly, it is good to reflect on how the church has been impacted by the Lord. Our Senior Pastors take their annual leave each January and normally it is February before the church becomes alive in the new year. This year was different with the presence of God being revealed in a significant way each Sunday. In February the theme ‘Grow was launched based on Ezekial chapter 47. In March the ministry team with their wives visited American churches for two weeks and when they returned the church was changed forever. On the first Sunday of their return after peaching Pastor Byron gave an alter call for people to be born again and to come out to the front of the church to be prayed for, and several people responded.  Every service since an opportunity has been given for people to respond to the gospel message. This has changed the atmosphere forever. Since the middle of the year, we have had three water baptism services with about 120 people being baptised with water. These meetings have been so powerful and one of the meetings lasted almost three hours. Another great thing that has happened is that people who once followed the Lord and stopped for various reasons have now started to return and recommit their lives to the Lord. One of the most outstanding things that has happened this year is the growth of the Youth Group. T is normal for the first two rows to be filled with young people passionately worshipping the Lord. In the middle of the year, they held a youth camp at Gilston where there was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. In the first week of October, the Youth held a three-night outreach, on the first night there were about 400 youths attending with over 80 first-time decisions to follow Jesus. The move of God amongst the Youth has certainly impacted the church. There is one significant thing that I have noticed this year, historically from September onwards the church slows down until February. This year, however, there has been no slow-down I have never seen Pastor Byron preach with such an anointing, God is certainly doing a new thing. There is one more thing that needs to be mentioned, a group of 10 young people went to India for a ten-day ministry trip. Half were from the youth ministry team and the other five were youths who had been impacted by God. As I look back over this year I am so thankful to see God moving in the church and look forward to next year with great expectation!


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